Marina Jurisdiction

HISTORY. The Hawaii Kai Marina (previously called Kuapa Pond) was originally owned by the Bernice P. Bishop Estate and was initially leased to Kaiser Development Company to develop, maintain and manage, the marina. In 1979, the United States Supreme Court declared that the Hawaii Kai Marina was designated as private property and therefore, was not open to the general public. Ownership of the Hawaii Kai Marina was transferred from Bernice P. Bishop Estates to the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association on July 5, 1991. The Hawaii Kai Marina Manager and Staff maintain and manage the marina for the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association. This document contains the basic established policy for the rules and regulations that govern the use of the Marina.

WATERFRONT RESIDENTS. Every marina waterfront lot (which includes private single family dwellings, multiple family town homes, condominium units and commercial shopping centers, adjoining or having specified access to the marina) are subject to compliance with the Hawaii Kai Marina Rules and Regulations set forth in this document.

DECLARATION OF PROTECTIVE PROVISIONS. Every marina waterfront lot is also subject to a Declaration of Protective Provisions. The declaration sets forth certain rights and obligations of marina lot owners, including the right to use the marina and the obligation of paying assessments for the care, maintenance and operation of the marina, as well as, complying with the marina rules and regulations contained in this document.

REQUIREMENT FOR RULES AND REGULATIONS. These marina rules and regulations have been promulgated by the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association Board of Directors in the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable marina for boaters and to ensure the privacy of our marina for its authorized users.

KOKO MARINA BOAT SLIPS. The use of the marina by the boats moored at the Koko Marina boat slips are limited to ingress and egress Maunalua Bay via the shortest possible route (with the exception of authorized Hawaii Kai residents who have normal access of all waterways of the marina). Koko Marina boat slip renters must also abide by the Hawaii Kai Marina Rules and Regulations when operating their vessels on the marina.