Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association

Welcome to the HKMCA website. Here, you'll find information on registering a vessel, adding or maintaining a dock, water quality work, and the non-profit corporation that manages the marina. HKMCA is the annual sponsor of the marina's Christmas Boat Parade.

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The 27th Annual Festival of Lights Christmas Boat Parade will be held on Saturday, December 14, 2024

Hawaii Kai Marina Rock Groin

General Information

BOAT SLIPS.  Boat slips are available at the Koko Marina Center for rent. Call the Koko Marina Management Office at 395-4737.

BOAT DOCKS.  Marina waterfront residents can install and/or modify boat docks on the marina side of their homes providing the boat dock is approved by the Marina Manager. Refer to the Boat Dock Guidelines before seeking Marina Manager approval. 

BOATING GUEST PASSES.  A marina waterfront resident can have one guest boat/visitor per month.  A guest pass must be obtained by the waterfront resident from the marina business office prior to the day that the visiting boat enters the marina.  Guest passes are issued by the marina staff during normal office business hours.  Call the marina office for information required on the guest pass.

SAILBOATS.  Sailboats up to 14' in length are very maneuverable in the marina.  Interior marina bridge heights range from approximately 13' to 19' clearance at MLLW tide level.  High masted sailboats and/or deep keel and fixed keel boats will have significant difficulty in the safe navigation of the marina due to the shallow water areas of the marina.  If you wish to sail in both the marina and the ocean, consideration should be given to the choice of a boat with a retractable mast which will pass under the marina bridge structures.

SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZE POWER BOATS.  Power boats of approximately 14' to 21'  in length with flat stern are best all-around boats for the marina.  They create minimum wake, ride well at fast and slow speeds. They are also good for general cruising, as well as, for water skiing depending upon the power to weight ratio of the boat.

LARGE SIZE POWER BOATS.  Power boats in excess of 21' in length with deep “V” or modified deep “V” hulls ride fairly well on ocean swells.  These power boats can only be used in the marina at slow no wake speeds because of the large wake they generate.  Check for bridge heights to make sure that your boat superstructure will clear.  Also, insure that you have fishing outriggers and radio antennae that swivel or fold down for passing under bridges, if required.

MARINA SEAWALLS.  The maintenance, repair and if necessary, replacement of waterfront seawalls in the Hawaii Kai Marina, are the sole responsibility of single family dwelling owners (for seawalls in front of their individual homes); the individual condominium associations (for seawalls adjacent to condominium land, i.e., Koko Isle Circle, Kuapa Isle, etc...) and the shopping centers (for seawalls proximate to Koko Marina Center, the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center, and the Hawaii Kai Towne Center).