3. Other Activities

A. All kayaks, canoes, SUPs, surfboards, sailboats, foiling (unless being towed by a boat), swimming and snorkeling are prohibited within the high speed zones of the marina.


  1. Tow boats used for water sports are to be 21' and under in length with a hull design to create a minimum wake. Hull design and weight could disqualify any water sports activity due to excessive wake.

  2. Water sports are allowed from 8:00 A.M. to sunset in designated areas (Exhibit B).

  3. Weight of people on board not to exceed boat manufacture and Coast Guard ratings.

  4. Towing shall be conducted in a counter clockwise (lower marina only) direction.

  5. Tandem water sports is not allowed.

  6. While engaging in water sports activities, all boats shall proceed to plane as quickly as possible. No boat shall operate in a manner that creates a plowing effect.

  7. When returning to a water sports participant in the water, boats must immediately throttle down to idle speed and return through their own wake. No sharp turns shall be allowed unless the water sports participant has sustained an injury.

  8. Any person towed behind a vessel on the water must wear a Coast Guard approved life vest. The tow boat must have a safety observer in the boat in addition to the operator. A wide angle rear view mirror is acceptable in lieu of an observer.

  9. Inflatables are not authorized to tow water sports on the marina except rigid hull types.

  10. Upper Marina:

    1. All boats shall operate in a rotation, with only one boat conducting water sports activities at a time. Although the rules “one boat in rotation” stands, two boats may operate at one time if both boat drivers agree to share the course.

    2. When more than one boat is engaged in water sports activities, each boat may operate a maximum of three round-trips or ten (10) minutes before allowing the next boat an opportunity to commence operation.

    3. Boaters shall use the center of the course, returning from the south end by implementing a circular turn through their own wake and back down the center of the course.

    4. Weather Permitting - a boat should utilize the full length of the course unless windy conditions create rough water.

  11. Activity Zone:

    1. The area designated as “Activity Zone” on Exhibit B may be used for sailing and foiling activities (as defined herein in Section 1.K) from 8:00 A.M. to sunset.

    2. Users in this area should generally move in a counter clockwise direction with due regard to safe navigation and prudent seamanship.

    3. Motorized vessels passing through the Activity Zone must maintain speeds at the slower of 5 knots or slow/no wake.

    4. Prior to exiting the Activity Zone, all vessels must reduce speed to the slower of 5 knots or slow/no wake.

  12. Water sport activities may be suspended or revoked at any time by the Marina Manager and/or staff in the event such activities are deemed a hazard to safety or property.

  13. The registered owner of a vessel shall assume the full responsibility for any and all liability arising out of or in connection with their water sport activity conducted on the marina.


  1. Pole fishing from private residences on the marina shoreline is permitted providing the fishing does not cause a safety hazard to boaters in the marina (no lines left unattended). Fishing from any boat on the marina is prohibited.

  2. Net fishing is prohibited, except for the use of nets designed for the catching of shellfish (crabbing) and only when such nets do not interfere with the safe navigation of boaters. A maximum of ten (10) nets per vessel, or ten (10) nets per family if crabbing from residential shore lots is allowed.

  3. Spear fishing or fishing by any method other than those permitted herein are prohibited. Any prohibited equipment used is subject to confiscation by the marina staff and may be recoverable upon payment of the applicable penalty as determined by the Marina Manager.


  1. Marina residents will be held responsible to pick up and recover for disposal their back yard tree trimmings or other debris that fall into the marina.

  2. The anchoring of vessels on the marina, including anchoring to marina buoys, is prohibited. Underwater utility lines and the safety of navigation to other boats preclude this action.

  3. Crabbing, fishing, diving or jumping from bridges into the marina, is not allowed.

  4. No trespassing on duck island or on the two rim islands (see Exhibit B)