1. Definitions

  1. ASSOCIATION: Shall mean the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association, a non-profit Hawaii Corporation, hereafter referred to as the Marina Association.

  2. ASSOCIATION PROPERTY: Shall mean the property described in the deed which includes the Hawaii Kai Marina and all other property, real or personal, belonging to, held by, or under the control of the Association.

  3. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Shall mean the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association.

  4. HAWAII KAI MARINA: Sometimes referred to as the “Marina” shall mean that area originally referred to as Kuapa Pond which is legally owned by the Marina Association and controlled by the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association (including water and certain land areas).

  5. MARINA LOT OWNER: Shall mean the owner / lease holder of the lot adjoining or having specified access to the marina.

  6. MARINA MANAGER: Shall mean the General Manager hired for the specific purpose of controlling and managing the Hawaii Kai Marina for the Board of Directors of the Association.

  7. MARINA RESIDENT: Shall mean either the legal owner of the marina lot or, if the property is being rented, the tenant of the marina lot.

  8. MARINA STAFF: Shall mean the group of employees that are hired by the Marina Manager to support the policy and management objectives of the Marina Association Board of Directors.

  9. MARINA RULES & REGULATIONS: Shall mean the rules and regulations contained in this document that govern the Hawaii Kai Marina and the Marina Association property.

  10. VESSEL: Sometimes referred to as “water craft” shall mean all types of water craft, including, but not limited to, canoes, dinghies, inflatables, kayaks, paddle boards, power boats, pedal boats, row boats, sailboats, personal water craft and electric boats, etc.